Priceless Paintings Stolen from Rich Man’s House

By Beth Ramouse

This past Saturday the local millionaire was cleaned out of his paintings. The scene appears to not have any trail where the people may have went with them. As we are here at the scene of the crime, we will try to get all the info on what has happened. He wanted to make it publicly known that he will also give a fine reward to a lone individual were to help.

I have talked with the head of the investigation on the matter and he says that all they have found was a piece of torn clothing that was caught on the fence when the thieves were escaping. That piece of clothing will be taken to the lab for any DNA traces on in to see if leads to an identity of who wore the article of clothing. Another method that I have been told that is going to take effect which is the tracker dogs will be used to attempt to find the people if the DNA traces don’t work.

More on this case will be known as the info has been released. In these types of cases I would think of the quote, You can try to run and hide, but you will not get away, as the famous police Roy says.

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